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Living Creative Potential

By Day Piercy
To live creative potential means to nurture our creative spirit, navigate life transitions, create change and build a NEW society. This is who we are naturally – human beings in nature. Creating personal and community wellbeing fosters the capacity to balance personal and social needs and desires – to live creative potential.


Helping people to live creative potential

Our focus is creating personal and community wellbeing

We offer resources to:

Nurture your creative spirit
Navigate life transitions
Create change
Build a NEW society that nurtures everyone’s wellbeing in a sustainable future of freedom opportunity, democracy, economic and social justice and care for the Earth, our home

Our vision is a society where everyone lives his and her creative potential

Day Piercy has guided, mentored, advised and taught me through most of my life journeys - professional and otherwise. She has done more than encouraged my creative journeys. She has inspired them. I am greatly satisfied where those journeys have taken me and none would have happened without Day's patience, understanding and wisdom.

Patsy Engelhard, owner, Knit1 Oxford

I found the structure of the program very helpful and at the same time I could totally make it my own. The reflection part helped build the foundation to learn to trust the process. The program helped to renew my confidence and to have the tools to create a new life. I got the support and direction that I needed.

Mary Meyer, financial services consultant and fair trade advocate

I learned how the creative process works and how to access it to help me know how to put ideas into action and respond to whatever happens.

Jennifer Bledsoe, social worker

A life-changing opportunity for me to transform myself from an administrator of non-profit organizations to a creative entrepreneur. This program launched me into a chain of events that makes me happier, more fulfilled, and more energetic than I have ever been in my entire life!

Jean D. Lachowicz, communications consultant


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